Nael™ -3-Second Bloom Napkin Folder
Nael™ -3-Second Bloom Napkin Folder
Nael™ -3-Second Bloom Napkin Folder
Nael™ -3-Second Bloom Napkin Folder
Nael™ -3-Second Bloom Napkin Folder
Nael™ -3-Second Bloom Napkin Folder

Nael™ -3-Second Bloom Napkin Folder

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Amazing, right? 3-Seconds Quick Transformation
Simple Napkins Turn into Romantic Roses
Impress your Family and Guests with a Unique Table Setting.

Make your family dinner experience even more perfect with this Bloom Napkin Folder.

Turn any paper napkin into a rose, a rosebud, a tulip, or an elegant calla lily. No napkin-folding expertise required; simply grab any napkin, fold it as directed, slip it into a Bloom holder, and give the stem a quick twist. Green plastic stems are 8" long. Sold as a set.

Why Choose 3-Second Quick Bloom Napkin Folder?

You invite people over for dinner. You make some food and set the table elegantly. How hard can it really be to fold a napkin nicely? After messing around with paper and wrinkled napkins, you sigh deeply and simply resort to placing a paper towel roll on the table in frustration. Or else, you can arrange a decorative table in an instant with our Bloom Napkin Holder!

Make your family dinner experience even more perfect with this Bloom Napkin Folder. It instantly transforms an ordinary paper napkin into a beautiful flower! Amazing, right? And so easy to make –simply fold, insert and twist! Viola! Impress your family and guests with a unique table setting.

  • Create lovely blooming folded flowerson your table setup
  • It functions as a napkin holder & a table decoration –at the same time!
  • Replace common napkin rings with aninnovative and fresh design
  • EASY 3-STEP METHOD –fold, insert and twist into a flower!
  • Craft different floral types that you want, from tulips to roses, calla lilies and more.
  • Set it up on a plate, in a champagne glass or vase for added sophistication.
  • Perfect for all occasions –parties, reunions, dinners, and events.

No matter what the occasion, surprise your guests with a blooming dinner table!


  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Net Weight: 37 g
  • Color: Green
  • Package Inclusion/s: Choose Your Bundle..


  1. Fold the paper napkin into a triangle.
  2. Insert the folded napkin in the center bud.
  3. Next, rotate gently to form into a flower.


Customer questions & answers

Question: Can it be used to fold cloth napkins also?
Answer: Yes,They really look great, highly recommend.
By Joe Reid on March 20, 2019

Question: What size napkins can you use? Only smaller ones?
Answer: I used regular size napkins. You likely could use dinner size too if it doesn’t look like the napkin is too big but I think they functionally will work. I like them.
By Rebecca J on November 25, 2019

Question: If i don't like it can i exchange it?

Answer: You can contact their Customer service at to get the return address! 
By Lexi MM on February 19, 2019


Napkin Folder:

  • 1 x Napkin Folder

Napkin & Folder:

  • 1 x Napkin Folder
  • 1 x Napkin 

Buy 1 Set  – 1 Set includes 4 PCS Bloom Napkin Folder


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