Amalia™ -  Smoothing Brush
Amalia™ -  Smoothing Brush
Amalia™ -  Smoothing Brush
Amalia™ -  Smoothing Brush
Amalia™ -  Smoothing Brush
Amalia™ -  Smoothing Brush

Amalia™ - Smoothing Brush

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Looking for an efficient way to straighten your hair? Our Amalia™ Straightening Brush will comb your hair, straighten it, and even shape your ends💁 to easily achieve that look you want, and achieve professional results at home!

KEDSUM Ceramic Hair Straightener Brush –

✔ Healthy and shiny hair: The straightening brush will give you a lively and dynamic effect, it does not completely press the hair, thus avoiding a flat and burnt appearance. Just brush your hair once and notice a dull, shiny color.

✔ Save time: With our PTC heating technology, it will be ready to use in 60 seconds, and six easy to control heating levels between 130º and 200º that adjust to your hair type

✔ Protective Anions: The heating layer releases nanoanions that protect your hair from dryness, frizz and hair loss

✔Perfect for traveling: With a small size, and 360º anti-tangle cable, it will fit anywhere for when you travel!

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How to use:

    Make sure your hair is dry and brush it briefly
    Press the power button for 10 seconds to activate the brush
    Choose the desired temperature (see reference below).
    Just brush your hair gently and shape your hair!

Use of temperatures:

    Thick hairs: 210 ° C-230 ° C (410 ° F-446 ° F)
    Normal and / or natural hair: 190 ° C-210 ° C (374 ° F-410 ° F)
    Fine and delicate hairs: 170 ° C-200 ° C (338 ° F-392 ° F)


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